A Year in Food

Food has taken over my life this year… which probably shouldn’t be a surprise as part of the food justice league. I can now cook things I had never even heard of before, as well as things I didn’t like to eat before this year. I have spent hours upon hours in the kitchen with my housemates. We’re part crunchy hippie foodies and part food snobs. We can spend a long time (much more than is socially appropriate) at dinner just talking about the food we’re currently eating.

This year I’ve learned that food is personal, social, cultural, psychological, emotional, a great equalizer, and one of the greatest forms of injustice. It can also be fun, taste amazing, and look cool.

To celebrate all that I have learned to cook, eat, and appreciate I thought I would create a food blog to show you all our food! Get ready for a lot of pictures.


During the first half of the year we spent a lot time cooking from scratch, including hand rolling and cutting pasta.


Later in the year we were able to buy store pasta, which saved us about an hour of cooking time each night. This is a pretty standard dinner- some kind of carb/grain (in this case pasta salad), some vegetable/salad, and some protein (we eat meat about once or twice a week.)



One of my favorite things to make now is cheese sauce. It makes even store-bought pasta feel fancy! Roasted root vegetables were pretty much a nightly occurrence during the winter months.


We learned pretty early on that tomatoes sauteed in some butter, salt, and garlic tossed with green beans is delicious, and decided to add corn to the mix for this meal. Standard greens and veggie salad, roasted chicken, and homemade bread.


Something we tried to make a few times but never quite got the hang of was soup. We made a lot of kale and potato/other veggie with a chicken broth base, but never found the secret to making soup. We did, however, make a ton of our own chicken stock.

IMG_2271 unnamed (3)

Mexican for dinner! We all love chips and salsa, and when my housemate with a dairy allergy is gone we take advantage of the situation and cover everything in cheese. (Sorry Audrey.)


We’re big fans of stir fry.


Eggplant parmesan (or whatever kind of cheese we happen to have in the fridge) has become a specialty.


As it gets warmer we want our food to get cooler. Cold cous cous or quinoa salad with cold cucumber salad goes great with some delicious bbq chicken!


This dinner was pretty exciting. We weren’t sure what to do with the venison steak in our freezer, but after some time on the internet we created a spicy venison with broccoli pasta dish. It was delicious!


After our meat CSA ended we decided to get our protein in the form of fish from the farmers market. This dinner also featured some local cherry tomatoes and homemade bread.


Homemade turkey meatballs in a ketchup and beer sauce, artichoke and greens yogurt dip, and cous cous with beets (or as we referred to it, “beets and buttah.”)


This dinner we didn’t actually make (we were over at a board member’s house) but it was too delicious not to include– grilled chicken, beets and carrots roasted with maple syrup, sauteed veggies, and a green salad with feta cheese.

IMG_3247 IMG_2310

I have been lucky for the past couple of years to live with people who like to bake and/or work at a bakery, and this year is no exception. Fellow YAV Audrey is our resident baker and fruit pies are one of her specialties. Yum!


This was our attempt at orange duck. It turned out fine (we had to research the differences between roasting a duck and a chicken, which we are much more accustomed to. Apparently there’s a lot.) I decided I will definitely eat duck again, but am not exactly thrilled about the idea of cooking it again.


This is a pretty special meal. As a fundraiser for the Boston YAV program we hosted a farm to table dinner and cooking class featuring local food. It included an heirloom bean, greens, and eggplant summer stew on top of creamy polenta, wild greens salad, wheat berry salad, squash fries, and blueberry chipotle ketchup (I was in charge of the fries and ketchup.) To top it off we had a lemon pudding cake with blueberry sauce for dessert.

Thanks for checking out the food blog. I am now in the habit of taking pictures of each dinner before we eat, so there may be a part two. If you would like any of the recipes just let me know, and feel free to comment with your signature dish!


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  1. alexlipinsky says:

    Great looking food!

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