Project Bread’s Walk for Hunger

On Sunday, May 4th a group from my congregation (First United Presbyterian Church in Cambridge) and other churches in the presbytery will participate in Project Bread’s annual Walk for Hunger. Part of my job at the church is getting the people more involved in the community and more involved with food and hunger issues. The Walk for Hunger does both, and I am excited about organizing this group.

Project Bread is very well-known in the Boston food circles (which are actually quite small, but really awesome.) They are involved in some way in almost food nonprofit in Massachusetts– that might be exaggerating, but only a little. They provide information and resources for anyone in need, are a great source for statistics and programs, provide grants for soup kitchens and community meals, and support nutrition programs for school children. I am working with a group in Cambridge along with Project Bread to increase participation in free summer meal programs for kids who qualify for free and reduced school breakfast and lunch. Not only are we trying to get food to more children, but we are trying to get more food for their families and increase the nutritional quality of that food. The Walk for Hunger raises money for Project Bread’s many programs and grants.

Another reason I am really looking forward to this event goes back to my youth group in high school. We participated in Atlanta’s Hunger Walk/Run every spring and I always had a great time. We got to hang out with friends and have fun, be outside, and get new t-shirts. What could be more fun in youth group? But we also had a sense of service and making a difference. I could tell that as a crowd too numerous to count would take over Turner Field’s parking lot and downtown Atlanta that not only were we raising money, we were making a statement. That was never more clear than as we would walk around the state house. Hunger is an issue we can all get behind– different denominations and faith groups, schools, nonprofits, community organizations, and even the government. And it was beautiful to see all of those people together in one place for one cause.

I hope to have a similar experience with this Walk for Hunger here in Boston; I hope it will be a time of fellowship, fun, service, exercise, awareness, and community.

If you would like to sponsor my walk or donate to the Boston Presbytery’s team, go to:

Click on “Donate to a Walker/Team” and type in my name. Thanks for your support!

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