Snow Day

  This blog post (like most of mine tend to be) is pretty late.

Over New Years we had some pretty cold weather with a good bit of snow. This was the same time my boyfriend Marshall, a Georgia boy, was here. Welcome to Boston!

He joined us for one of our community days which involved watching documentaries about community gardens and saving the bees, deep conversations about food, lots of laughter, and making snow angels– because we were snowed in!


Kathleen, one of my roommates, and I shovel the steps and sidewalk in front of our house as part of our community day.


Marshall and me being tourists in front of the Mr. Harvard statue in Harvard Yard.


Having grown up in Minnesota I can’t say that I’m not used to this kind of weather (and much worse!), but after living in the south for almost 12 years I’ve lost my thick blood. So I bought some snow boots and a winter coat and I am ready for the cold!



                                        Happy New Year from the Food Justice League!

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One Response to Snow Day

  1. Martha Clay says:

    Glad to keep up with you. Being a Southern girl, I’m glad that it is YOU and Marshall enjoying that snow. Love to you,


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