Bridging The Sacred-Secular Divide

  Recently one theme has been continually sneaking up on me throughout my various conversations, readings, devotions, etc., and that is the idea of living a holistically- and wholistically- Christian life.  This concept permeates into my spiritual life, my work, my community, my free time, my eating, and my consuming habits. Which I am now seeing as all connected– which is the point. 

 At the beginning of this program (2 whole months ago) I had trouble understanding why we were so focused on food and where we bought things, and I particularly had trouble seeing it as a spiritual practice. I felt like I was missing the “God part” of the program– the part that I signed up for. I felt that we were so preoccupied with buying food to preserve for the winter that we weren’t actually helping people, which is what I am here to do. But in the past couple of weeks, with the help of a few books and time, I am starting to change how I see the “secular” parts of my life. In the sense that there are none. Now I’m not saying that I have it all figured out, and live every moment of my life with holy purpose– far from it. Often I feel lonely away from home, discouraged about the work I’m doing, separated from God, and just plain bored, but I do have a few sluggish, hazy epiphanies. For a brief moment it seems like some curtains have been raised and I can feel how I should live my life– like a memory you can’t quite recall, or a familiar word on the tip of your tongue that you just can’t vocalize there’s a realization and a yearning for more. But then the curtains start to fall and I’m left almost where I was before, but slightly closer to the next step– whatever that may be.

There are no things I do or time I spend that are specifically set aside for God, because everything I do should be for God’s glory and the kingdom. Not just at church on Sunday or the work I’m doing with Bread for the World or volunteering at a food pantry or anything that’s normally declared “Jesus-y,” but also how I cook, the food I buy, and the people I talk to. How to live that out on a daily basis is much easier said than done, and a conversation I’m working on, but I believe striving for this holistic life will make me a better community member, friend, activist, Christian– and a better person.


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