All Grown-Up

Last week I went on my first business trip! It was to Dayton, Ohio, which might not be the most exciting place to go (the other option was New York City.) However, we went to the one funky/cool street in Dayton for dinner and later got what may have been some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had.

I took at taxi to the airport (by myself!) at 5 in the morning, had a hotel room to myself, and after my 2 flights back to Boston took two buses and a train to get back home after 11pm the next day. I was pretty exhausted after so much stuffed into two days, but I also felt pretty accomplished.

I met with the community organizing team for the Eastern hub of Bread for the World. It was great to meet other people that I am working with and feel a part of a team. I got to see how such a large organization works– even though it is a political group, they are nonpartisan, ecumenical, diverse, and kind. There are a lot of different parts that all have to work together, even when they disagree, and they seem to be doing a pretty good job.

It was also great to get a more direct understanding of my job and assignments. For the past month it seemed like I was floating, creating my job as I went along. While the other YAVs have a physical place to work (at a soup kitchen, food pantry, etc.) I have been wandering around, talking with people and forming relationships, creating things for me to do. This is almost so easy it’s hard to do, and has been a fun challenge.

Now that I’ve met with people from Bread, am starting a small discussion group at the church, and am reaching out to volunteer opportunities in Cambridge, I feel like I’m really starting my job, after a month of homework.

Between that and the trip, I am definitely starting to feel like a grown-up.


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