Yes We Can

Meet the Food Justice League!


My fellow YAVs and myself have come up with a name for the volunteers in the Boston program- the Food Justice League. Pretty fabulous, right.

(And yes, this picture is us in front of MIT.)

The motto of our group has become “Yes we can.” This not only represents our willingness to do crazy things and have our lives turned upside-down this year, but in that we literally can a lot of food. We have spent hours upon hours in our kitchen not just cooking dinner together, but also preserving food for winter months. We have gone through at least 30 pounds of tomatoes, 20 pounds of plums, along with plenty of corn, green beans, peppers, blueberries, raspberries, and chicken stock.

Here is our latest experiment with what was supposed to be plum jam or plum butter.


We cut, washed, cored, and cut countless plums.


Then they had to boil for a long time…


The end result! We also froze two gallon bags of plums as well. The “jam” turned more into a juice or a soup. We call it our plum sploosh!

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