Vermont Weekend

 This past weekend my roommates and I went up to Vermont for a Northern New England Presbytery meeting. The first thing you need to know about Vermont is that everywhere looks like a postcard. Every time you turn there’s a lake with a red barn and rolling hills in the background; it is beautiful and picturesque. (Also you need to know– there is almost zero cell signal anywhere, and they’re proud of the fact.) We stayed with friends of friends at their wonderful lake home (with a great view!) Several people were staying there for the meeting the next day and we all shared a wonderful meal Friday night (with the best blueberry pie I’ve ever had!) and a big breakfast Saturday morning. It was a lot chillier than we had anticipated, which involved getting multiple layers and having cold toes, but it was great to feel and smell the crisp air, hinting at the beginnings of a cold fall. After dinner my roommates and I walked outside by the lake to get a gorgeous view of the stars– they looked clear and hazy, so distant yet you could reach out and touch them all at the same time. After several minutes of awe (and discussing our amazing creator God) I went back inside and warmed up by the fire before bed. 

At the meeting on Saturday we introduced ourselves and the Boston YAV program and several other people talked about food justice. Many people came up to us later to talk about how excited they are that we’re here and how they have been involved. And others were still confused as to what “food justice” is all about. My job seems to be in the gap of people’s awareness and understanding about why the system is broken, and particularly why the church should get involved with the process beyond soup kitchens and donations to a food pantry.

After lunch several of us went on a tour of Sterling College, a tiny (115 students) liberal arts school that is all about hands-on experience with sustainable agriculture and the environment. It is a working farm where every student has a job in the garden, with animals, in the kitchen, etc. As much as the school would not have been a good match for me, it was incredibly interesting to see a small community working and learning together.

We headed back to Massachusetts later that afternoon, with promises to come back and visit soon.Image

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